About Us


Our Experience

After 20+ years in the industry we decided it was time to take a different direction. With the shift in federal taxes, Affordable Care Act, and recovering economy, our office believes it is even more important than ever to become proactive and holistic for our business clients and their CPAs. This is an extremely important step to keep up with the ever-changing times.   Our ramp up process is simple and designed to empower your team to make full use of the current tax laws and other tools you need to maximize profits. Talk to us today about how we can help grow your company by decreasing costs, decreasing taxes and increasing your bottom line. We will put you on a solid track to greater success and profit.


Our Approach

Our approach is simple. 

1. We start with a brief phone call or meeting to understand where you are and what major concerns you  have. 

2. You complete the Client Information Questionnaire (CIQ) which is a proprietary software  process we use. This 5 ‐ 15 minute questionnaire uses complex logic to analyze your financial, business,  and investment situation to identify key tax savings and business planning opportunities. 

3.  We analyze the results of your CIQ and develop a comprehensive plan. This stage typically takes  one to two weeks and will involve the work of a team of specialists.  

4. Next, we schedule a phone call or an in‐person meeting to review the details of your CIQ and answer any  initial questions. Typically this call/meeting will last one hour, and it’s likely you’ll hear ideas and  strategies that you’ve never heard of before! 

5. Present the initial plan and decide next steps based on your plan. At this point, you can decide if  you’d like us to work with your current CPA to implement your plan or if you’d rather work with  a CPA on our team. The choice will be yours.  


Why Us?

We use a CPA team based approach. Our team is composed of some of the nations top experts in their respective fields. Depending on the strategy needed to meet your needs we will assign one or more of our specialists to work with you and your CPA to accomplish your objectives. Your CPA or business advisor will be the quarterback throughout the process.

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