Frequently Asked Questions


How do you charge?

We charge on a contingency basis. That means there's never a fee unless we bring value to your business and improve your bottom line. We will analyze your business without charge. You remain in the drivers seat and determine whether it makes sense to move forward and implement any suggested changes.


My CPA is skeptical. What should we do?

CPAs by nature are skeptical and very conservative. This is partially what makes them good at what they do. However, most of the work we do is outside the scope of what your CPA does: Tax Preparation, Audits and Financial Statements. We want your CPA involved, so it is important that your CPA or Business Adviser fully understand how any suggested changes can benefit you and your business. We will fully explain the work we do and suggested changes, including referencing any applicable IRS tax codes. 


What if my CPA is unwilling or too busy to get involved?

According to a 2014 survey of small business owners by the Sleeter Group, 72% of small business owner respondents said they have changed their CPA or accounting firm in the past at least in part because the firm "did not give proactive advice, only reactive service". More than 60% said this factor played a significant or large role. 

Bottom line: Your CPA works for you. We can either work with your CPA to increase your profits, or we have our own team of well-qualified CPAs who are ready to assist.


Is it possible to work directly with you and not involve my CPA?

The short answer is "Yes". If you do not look to your CPA as your "most trusted adviser", or you do not have a CPA,  or if you are your own business adviser then, yes, we can work directly with you.